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This site was last updated on 24/04/2023
Danger Mouse
Defiance Scooter Club Do Saturday 11th November 2023

2023 Do Flyer

The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club - 40th anniversary featuring The Collective A.K.A. & DJs.

Saturday 11th november 2023 at Goffs Park Social Club in Crawley.


Originally calling ourselfs "Vixen Scooter Club", it was decided in the spring of 1983 to change our name. Various names were suggested like The Exploding Frogs, Crazy Daisys or even The Cherry Tree Scooter Cub but "The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club" was decided on and we never looked back. Our original logo/patch was hand made for each member by our old boy Phil Ford with every patch having the members unique number at the bottom. This was Danger Mouse sticking two fingers up at saba-toothed tiger on a union flag background. This idea came from a program at an Animals gig a few Vixen/Defiance went to, Gel suggested to put Danger Mouse in front of the tiger with his two fingers up and the name "The Last Great Act of Defiance Scooter Club" was born. Members came from Crawley, Copthorne, East Grinstead & the surrounding areas. Defiance members sprayed their helmets in agate red and gold had DSC in gold on the back in old English letters and had their number in large yellow on one side.

In 1983 Defiance, as we were now known, went to the Isle of Wight Scooter rally, 13 attended and our numbers in the club increased weekly after this, the final total was about 60+. This total was many more with our birds, mates and hangarounds etc. Attending Mod gigs & rallies etc, we soon got a reputation, good or bad, we`ll leave that up to you. Breton caps and studded belts under our suit jackets were two trade marks of DSC, but as they say, all good things come to an end.

In 2006, in a pub in Turners Hill near Crawley, a few members decided to brush of the ashes of time and get DSC together again and back in business. The now famous and revamped DSC logo is now put on patches, badges, polo shirts, jackets, mugs and scooter banners etc.

In November 2009 Gel and Karl decided DSC needed an offcial reunion, this was held at Copthorne Social Club near Crawley with Mod Revival legends LONG TALL SHORTY. Old and new connected with DSC made this a great event. Since then Defiance SC has had many other very successful events with bands such as: SMALL WORLD, THE UNIVERSAL, DC FONTANA, THE LOOP, ECHO GENERATION, TOMMY AITKINS, TIME BOMB, SUSPICIONS, THE CONCRETE GODS, THE SCENE, DISTANT ECHO. SQUIRE, THE KILLERMETERS, THE SHA LA LAS, SLOW TIME MONDAYS, SHAMEFACED with our latest event in november 2022 that featured PUNKY REGGAE PARTY and PURPLE HEARTS (PH2), and what an event that was. DSC also released a live LP in 2021 with the help of Dizzy at Detour Records featuring THE KILLERMETERS from the 2014 gig, a very unique thing to do for a scooter club and something we are very proud of.

It`s now been 40 years since "The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club" changed it`s name from "Vixen Scooter Club" and obviously another event will be held to celebrate this. The date is Saturday 11th November 2023 at Goffs Park Social Club in Crawley and this time it will be with THE COLLECTIVE A.K.A., a band that will get everyone moving in every imaginable way.

Without you lot these event would not exist, you are all legends.

Catch you soon and ALL ARE WELCOME.

Any questions you are welcome to contact Gerard James or Karl Powell on facebook.

Karl & Gel (on behalf of “The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club")

This is the official event page:

This is the link to pay for tickets in advance (£10.00 F&F) with PayPal:

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